Here at evolutionpedia, all pages must follow the rules, with the exception of when common sense tells us that those rules are ridiculous or not enforcable.

Wikia terms of service

As this wiki is hosted on Wikia, all the terms in the terms of services must be enforced. A violation of the terms of services is not tolerable in our wiki. The terms of service for Wikia can be seen here.

Neutral point of view

Evolutionpedia intends to cover evolution in a neutral manner. Neutrality means that all facts and opinions should be presented, but none of them should be labeled as "true" or "false". 

No spamming

Advertising, or spamming, can result in a 3 day ban, then a 6 day ban, before a permanent ban. If multiple accounts are used for spamming, then a IP ban will be used.

Sources must be cited

All sources must be cited. Plagirism is not allowed. Sources must be reliable ones, such as news websites and peer reviewed research papers. Blogs and forum posts are not valid sources.

No vandalism

Vandalism is the destruction or damage done to pages or images. Vandalism includes spamming, blanking pages, purposefully putting misleading or wrong information, putting disrespectful things in pages, and so on. Vandalism will result in a warning, before a 1 day ban. If vandalism continues, then the ban doubles (1 day, 2 days, 4 days, 8 days, 16 days). If the ban length exceeds 16 days, then the ban becomes permanent. Making alternate accounts to get around bans will result in an IP ban.

No disrespect

No racist, sexist, or other disrespectful activities will be tolerated. Swear words are not allowed, except in quotes in which a certain scholar expresses their opinion on evolution with swear words. Flame wars are not allowed, and discussion over the controversial topic of evolution should be polite and respectful.

Copyright laws

Copyright laws must be followed. Plagirism is not allowed. All images and multimedia must be in the public domain, in a creative commons or similiar license (when it should be cited and credited correctly), or used under fair use. Images that are created by you, and that you permit others to use freely, are also allowed and encouraged to be used.